Scoria Retail Suite

Crimson TT is committed to providing industry leading Point-of-Sale software. Our software solutions are all designed in house specifically for the customer's needs and requirements. Crimson's software suite includes the Point-of-Sale (Scoria Cashier), Back Office (Scoria Manager and Scoria HQ) and Credit Switch (Scoria Credit Switch) software. Crimson is proud to offer a Best of Breed product that is reliable and cutting edge.

Our software is designed with our core values of providing an industry-leading brand that features:

  • The most up to date security to protect all transactions and private information.
  • A 99.9% uptime that guarantees our software will not go down.
  • Fast transaction processing and an easy to use design guarantee speedy checkout times.

Crimson TT software can be designed to provide customers and partners the ultimate Bill Pay/Fee Collection software. This software is assured to offer our clients the same industry leading experience in all their transaction management needs. This software offers the same special features as the Retail Suite that have contributed to it's industry leading reputation.

Our customers are Crimson's top priority. We believe that "their business is our business" and we ensure that motto every step of the way as we customize a transaction processing system specifically for their needs. Ongoing enhancements and improvements to the software provide our customers and partners the most up-to-date technology in the industry.

Scoria Cashier

Scoria Cashier

Scoria Cashier provides our customer with a superior Point-of-Sale experience by incorporating today's latest technological innovations that support Point-of-Sale and by offering an extensive set of functionality that is custom developed for each of our customers. The benefit of a customized software option is the ability to enhance and update for new changes and preferences even after deployment.

Scoria Cashier is designed to provide your organization with the tools to protect and control the critical information your organization values the most and doing so with a simple and easy to manage design. Crimson TT guarantees that no vital information or transaction will ever be unaccounted.

The Point-of-Sale operator menus can be customized by store and location. Design special screen layouts for checkout and customer service counters. Multi-level operator security provides secure management of cashier operations including voids, returns and pricing adjustments.

Scoria Cashier allows for our customers to increase sales and build customer loyalty with theirs by having the ability to look up purchase history and track the customer's preferences and manage loyalty points. The software is integrated for debit, credit and gift card processing which contributes to the fast, easy and cost effective experience at checkout.

In addition, Scoria Cashier can be customarily designed as the front-line Point-of-Sale software for Fee Collection and Bill Payment needs. The Point-of-Sale operator menus can be customized by region, Park, Fee Booth, Visitors Center and other locations.

Scoria Manager

Scoria Manager allows for a window into the store's overall operations. The on-site management of inventory and the store's operations through a customizable user interface provide the necessary access to the store's essential information. Access to this vital information is essential in the success of your store's operations and the development of future successes.

The Scoria Manager software is designed to electronically track and record detailed information on sales, system status, errors and exceptions. Data analysis is easily broken down to assist the store's primary operators. The Scoria Manager can pinpoint by terminal within the store all of the necessary information to perform customized reporting. Tracking customer sales history, managing loyalty points, signing up new customers and recording demographics can be the difference succeeding and merely surviving.

Scoria Manager provides an unsurpassed level of merchandise management capability, all with multi-level security and detailed audit reporting. Manage merchandise transfers, receipts and special orders. Produce inventory reports, conduct cycle counts and update adjustments. Add new items, control pricing and discounts, all from within the same location or remotely.

Scoria Manager is also a component of the Bill Pay/Fee Collection software bundle and can also be customarily developed for your needs and requirements.

Scoria Manager
Scoria HQ

Scoria HQ

Scoria Head Office (HQ) allows your organization's corporate headquarters to manage the retail chain and consolidate data from all locations for a complete view of the enterprise. Transaction data is transmitted from the terminals as created along with other record types such as customer and employee details, system messages and inventory updates allowing an almost on-line view of the store activity. Data including inventory and customer data can be viewed, analyzed and shared throughout your organization allowing for your organization to evaluate and specify performance and trends.

Scoria Head Office has the capability to manage communications and updates centrally with the integrated Scheduler application. This robust system is used to perform time sensitive operations distributing software and database changes automatically. Used at both headquarters and store level, the Scheduler application can be used to execute local or remote store applications, transmit files to and from stores, conduct backups and EOD functions. The system is highly configurable and can process multiple simultaneous requests. The Head Office software can be designed to fit our customer's needs.

Merchandise management includes a complete stock transfer and reconciliation system. Store level on hand, on order and in-transit values are maintained and reported. Inventory and cycle counts can be managed centrally with adjustment reporting. A detailed item movement journal is maintained which tracks all inventory changes.

The Scoria Head Office (HQ) is also used for the Fee Collection/Bill Pay software bundle and can be customarily designed to fir the needs and requirements of your organization.