Hardware Solutions - Mobile Tablets

Hardware Solutions - Mobile Tablet

Tablet Point of Sale units are the new sleek and durable option to the Point-of-Sale market. Tablets are easy to set up and use with touchscreens and attachable accessories designed to satisfy and complete all your transactions. They can also be fitted with all the bells and whistles of any other point-of-sale system on the market. This includes barcode scanners, magnetic strip readers (MSR's), receipt printers, pin-pads (P2PE) and a cash drawer. Some of the peripherals can be linked wirelessly to avoid messy tangled wires.

The tablet devices can be stationary like the traditional point-of-sale systems, but they can also become mobile allowing employees to carry them around the place of business and complete a transaction from anywhere in shop. Fitted with straps to secure around an employee's hand or over their shoulder as they move about the shop. Point-of-Sale tablet devices are built to possess rugged exteriors or ruggedly built skins/shells that soften the blow or eliminate the possibility of severe damage to the tablet.

Impress your clients with the ultimate service experience and still be able to offer the safe and secure transaction your clients will demand.