General Retail

Value Proposition

Crimson offers a stable application on a reliable, supportable platform. The company's experience with leading retailers' means that the time for system blueprinting is focused and shortened, leading to a quick implementation. The POS application is designed so that most customers requirements are met by activating the already existing parameter set. Crimson helps set up and define the core functions to be used and helps support the users. New enhancements become available to all customers and includes interfaces and reporting as required by changing business practices.


  • PCI PABP Compliant
  • 100% OPOS Compliant
  • Staff are Homeland Security Clearance Certified

Centralized Operations

  • Control of parameters ensures consistent look and feel of the application
  • Inventory look up and product transfer to and from stores means the customers can get the products they want
  • Centralized real-time data collection for consolidated reporting and data analysis

Configurability / Parameters

  • Intuitive interface to quickly set and change business rules
  • Customizable POS menus can be quickly tailored to meet the needs of the business and operations
  • Greatly reduces the amount of custom programming

Real-Time Access to Results

  • Continuous data trickle from locations will populate reports with the most current data
  • A high degree of data granularity is available to facilitate the reporting of transaction details
  • Inventory quantities are always represented as current allowing for optimal ordering

Comparison Chart

Topic Legacy System Issue Goal Crimson's Solution
Data Polling
Data Polling
When retrieving data from all store locations and polling is initiated daily from headquarters, not all stores poll properly and it may take hours to perform the operation. Eliminate polling issues Crimson performs data trickling in real-time and moves data from register to store server to headquarters as transactions are completed at each location. No batch polling required.
Payment Processing
Payment Processing
Lack of support for the latest EMV/ PCI security standards, Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Secure payment options for your customers Crimson is EMV certified with VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover. P2PE is also certified and operational as well as Apple Pay and Google Wallet.
Label printing is limited in format selection and supported printer models. Label printing that supports Zebra label printers Crimson supports Zebra based printers with an intuitive and easy to use interface utilizing customizable templates.
Reporting solutions only provide the data on the specific date. Periodically totals are calculated and stored as details are lost. Crimson stores unlimited amount of sales data at the lowest transaction level. Reports can access historical data, on any day. Filters are selected from a report specific template to display the desired information. No records are ever deleted from the data base.
Centralized Inventory Look-ups
Centralized Inventory Look-ups
Some retailers are unable to search for inventory existing in other locations. Centralized inventory lookup from any store location within seconds Crimson performs data trickling of all transactions in all stores. Inventory levels are updated to the second at all locations and maintained on a centralized database. This allows users to query centralized inventory data using apps created by the Crimson staff or any number of inventory related reporting.
Cannot interface the current POS to third party back office/accounting systems. Support common back end accounting interfaces Crimson is currently integrated into a number of 3rd party systems and is expanding the interface portfolio continuously. Some interfaces include: NAV 2009, NAV 2015, SAP, Telios, SFR as well as other proprietary systems.
Responsive and Adaptable
Responsive and Adaptable
  • Current solution is cumbersome to change. Change requests take considerable time and resources.
  • Legacy system is outdated and/or no longer supported.
  • Difficult to ensure all stores in a chain have uniform functionality while accommodating local exceptions.
Quickly adapt the Point of Sale application at minimal cost
  • Crimson's application is parameter driven requiring no code changes while reflecting the latest business rule modifications.
  • Crimson continuously enhances the applications and can provide multiple releases per year. The software upgrades are small packages that can be distributed and applied within a few minutes.
  • Application uses centrally managed parameters in a multi-store environment.