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About Us

Crimson Transaction Technologies is focused on providing the ultimate secure, industry-leading transaction software solutions for government and various retail industries. Since 1998, Crimson has helped clients achieve dramatic improvements to their overall business performances with our line of software solutions. We have strengthened our clients' business performances by providing the right solutions to streamline merchandise and customer/store management throughout their locations and across all channels.

Crimson is much more than a Point-of-Sale development company. Our team has deep roots in retail store systems and payment processing systems. Our approach is to provide clients with more control over their retail technology by designing fully configurable point-of-sale, fee collection and bill payment software. Using our implementation experience, our own retail backgrounds and the options available in the system, we help our clients to devise a smooth checkout experience for both the cashier and the end customer.

Crimson is a one-stop shop for software, hardware and service solutions needed by retailers. Crimson works hand-in-hand with our clients to adapt the software, choose the best hardware and provide the services for their unique needs.